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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling...very helpful to couples who are experiencing:

  • anger or resentment 

  • trust issues - one or more physical or emotional affairs 

  • recurring arguments

  • feelings of distance or emptiness

  • dissatisfaction with their relationship

  • lack of affection or disinterest in a physical relationship

A healthy relationship is not marked by abuse, neglect or drama.  In a healthy relationship, both partners feel safe - physically and emotionally - and want to come closer together.  Research shows that to keep a relationship intimate and healthy, couples must become better friends, learn approaches to managing conflict, and develop ways to support each other's hopes and aspirations.

I help motivated couples become better friends, manage their conflict, and support each other's hopes by blending several approaches, including the Gottman method.  I start by helping couples identifying specific goals for their therapy.  Once we have identified goals, I focus the subsequent therapy sessions and assign homework to:

  • help partners increase respect and foster closeness

  • understand each other better

  • teach partners strategies to overcome obstacles when they feel stuck during a disagreement

Because I use a goals-oriented approach to marriage and couples counseling, most couples find that they move quickly towards overcoming obstacles, really understanding each other, and strengthening the intimacy in their relationships.  There are some couples who find they face more complex situations, and this may require us to lay out a series of goals that we address sequentially over time.