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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Fertility & Infertility Counseling

I help individuals and couples build their families:

  • undergoing fertility treatments (IVF)

  • considering the use of a surrogate or a donor (donor egg or sperm)

  • adopting a child

Family building is difficult, and stress and depression make it hard for people to reach their goals.  Stress or isolation can result when couples who are starting or growing their families encounter setbacks.  Because of the stress, couples wrestling with infertility find themselves in a crisis that may take years to resolve. Every area of their lives is touched, and the levels of stress have been measured on par with the diagnoses of life-threatening illnesses.  Couples may be faced with treatment or family-building decisions they never imagined. 

I have more than 25 years of working with RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, and I am an expert with helping couples manage stress; care for their relationships; and make challenging decisions.  I also assist men and women who grieve following the loss of a pregnancy or who elect to adopt or live child-free.  Because I use a goals-oriented approach to counseling, most of my patients find that they move quickly towards overcoming obstacles, learning how to manage stress and make decision, and reach their goals.